Saturday, 10 January 2009

So I've posted about the bad side of my college life, now I guess I'll post about the good side.

Okay, although I have to wake up rather early, but I know there are people who have to wake up much earlier than me.

The good thing about being at this campus and not at the main campus? No worries of getting high blood pressure or high cholesterol as there aren't any fast food around.

Taking the extremely tough English Placement Test? I think the foreigners struggled more.

Having really long days? Not as long as Sunway U students, and I have Fridays and weekends off, which is something people at the main campus and Sunway U don't have.

I guess it's just a matter of adapting to a new environment, and accepting change. I'm probably one of those people who take a longer time to adjust to new surroundings. Or maybe I just like whining.
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