Friday, 16 January 2009

I actually wanted to recap 2008 but somehow the feeling's lost on me.

Before this I really wanted to post it. I thought I could do it on 31st of December, but what d'ya know, my computer wasn't working and I wasn't home anyway.

And I must admit, since then, I've felt kind of lazy. I seem to be having writer's block. No topic forms in my head, and I constantly hit the 'backspace' button, often rewriting the entire post. Maybe it's the long break I was given? The lost momentum I need to gain?

I have no idea what's wrong with me. No wait. I've thought of something.

Few days ago I returned from college feeling okay, but in a few hours I was vomiting... something. It really hurt so much that I was actually facing the toilet bowl, kneeling. When the vomit forced itself out again, I just rested my hands on the toilet seat and vomited.

I felt better, then the vomit started developing again. This second time was worse. This time in between vomits I just rested on the toilet floor. I couldn't even rest sitting up. The feeling was horrible.

I went to see the doctor and the reason: I haven't recovered from the stomach flu I got in December. Added with the not so clean food of college, naturally something came up.

So that night, I just laid on my bed doing nothing. I noticed that my stomach didn't hurt as much when I'm lying down, so I got out of bed as little as possible. I skipped college the next day, and pretty much just spent the day in bed, too.

Pathetic, I know. But I would rather lie in bed than face the pain I experienced when I vomited.
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