Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Most Chinese look forward to Chinese New Year. Be it ang pows, the festival itself, meeting relatives, drinking, the reunion dinner or simply the holidays, I think everyone looks forward to it every year.

I, too, look forward to it, for basically all of the reasons above.

So, what are your preparations for this year's New Year? Done the shopping? Bought the cookies? Or have you already started eating them?

Normally, I would really just gobble down almost ANYTHING.

Can you guess the topic now?

Yes, due to my falling ill at an inopportune moment, the doctor told me to 'watch what I eat the next few WEEKS'. Yes. Weeks. So I'll have to make sure I eat everything moderately, bearing in mind that eating the wrong thing, no matter how little in amount, can make me sick.

In the meantime, if I don't update my blog before then, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
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