Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I must say, initially I had an idea of a more interesting new year post, and also I thought I could fill the last few days of 2008 with updates. But sadly, with my computer down, there is nothing much that I can do, but to wait until my father has the will to go computer-hunting.

So 2008 is coming to a close. So much has happened this year, the good and the bad. Perhaps a year filled with milestones? Like everyone my age, I'm taking a very huge step forward- leaving the comfort of high school, and stepping out. For me I'll be entering college, and I'll have to start all over again- Adjusting to a new environment, adapt to the another way of studying, meeting new people, making new friends.

Cliched as it sounds, it really seems just not too long ago that I stepped into my now alma mater, struggling to find where I should go. But I guess I adjusted just fine. Then graduation seemed so long away, but like they say, time flies and now I've graduated.

I enrolled at Taylor's for the Foundation in Communication program, which means I've done an about turn and will be heading to Australia one day instead of the US of A.

I know that 2009 will indeed be very different from previous years, and I hope that it will be a wonderful year.

To anyone reading this, happy 2009 and may you have a good year ahead!
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