Saturday, 3 January 2009

Dwelling on the past is not a good thing, or so they say. But sometimes, memories of the past is just simply too sweet to be forgotten, and so sweet that when in everyday life, you find the constant urge to relive those memories?

So as you may or may not know, I went to Gold Coast, Australia with 2 friends of mine.

We left Malaysia at night and arrived the next day at Coolangatta Airport at 8 something. The first thing I thought was 'It's only 6 back home!'

It was at the airport that I first got the impression that Australians are friendly.
Anyway, throughout my stay I visited Movieworld, Seaworld and Dreamworld. I took tons of pics but I'll only upload a few here.

When we arrived, we were taken almost immediately to Movieworld.

This ride is called the Superman Escape. It was really really fast, moving from 0 - 100 km/h in just 2 seconds! It didn't feel so scary to me because I was pushed forward and all I could see was my feet.

There was another ride called Lethal Weapon which was, in my opinion, the scariest ride I've been on. There were five 360 degree turns, and like the Superman Rescue, it moved so fast. Pic below shows how Movieworld looks like inside.

What's Movieworld without the people we've grown up with? And I don't mean your parents and siblings. I meant Looney Tunes, Batman, Superman, etc etc. We managed to take a picture with Batman! Actually his armour is really soft, I noticed when I shook hands with him. Imagine that! I shook hands with Batman!

Even dead people come alive in Movieworld! Towards the end of the day there was a parade of celebrities and superheroes, namely Batman, Justice League, Austin Powell, and of course,

Marilyn Monroe! I managed to take this close up pic up her when she walked past.

Then there's the famed Catwoman! She doesn't really look like the original Catwoman, but she acted out the part rather convincingly!

At the end of the day, of course we had to take a picture of the place!

The next day, we went to Seaworld.

I had no idea there were penguins this size!

The background shows the Bermuda Triangle ride.

The next day we went for the Catch a Crab cruise. We tasted mud crabs and Sydney Rock Oysters, and all I can say for the crab is 'yummy' and 'yucky' for the oysters.

Day 4 equals Dreamworld. This tower has 2 rides, the Giant Drop, which is a scarier version of Genting's Solero Shot, and also the Tower of Terror.

This is the Tower of Terror. Can you see the coach? Basically, the coach will move very quickly along the 3 football fields wide track before being brought up the tower at a very fast speed, then it'll come plunging down back to the starting point.

This is The Claw. Basically it acts like a pendulum, swinging us high into the air, nearly reaching 180 degrees. Oh and it rotates on its own too!

Dreamworld boasts the Big 6 Thrill Rides- Motocoaster, Tower of Terror, Giant Drop, The Claw, Wipeout and Cyclone. I chickened out on the Giant Drop, but went for the other 5. Wipeout was really fun! But I couldn't get a decent pic.

This is Gold Coast, at SIX A.M!!

Pacific Fair shopping centre. We went there by bus no. 750 (the Australian pronunciation is rather weird- see-ven-fifth-oh)

The last day. Can you believe that the flight attendants waited with us to board the flight? That's really a first for me!

One last look at Coolangatta Airport and the Gold Coast sky.

Then it's wheels up and back home.
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