Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Today I shall be posting about... EJ.

Pusat Tuisyen Etika Jaya.

I entered in Form 1, for Maths and Science. But it was only this year that I knew why was it named Etika Jaya.

Etika Jaya = EJ. In other words, Evelyn & John, the owners. Mr John Quek and Evelyn.

One of the things I think EJ is known for is the booklets.

That was the amount of booklets that I have collected in Form 4 and Form 5. And that's excluding those thin homework booklets.

But over the years, the booklets have changed, too.

(above) This is how it looked like in Form 1.

(above) Then in Form 2, it adopted a more attractive look.

(above) In Form 3, there were slight changes once again.

(above) In Form 4, it changed yet again.

(above) In Form 5 the centre adopted a more commercial look, what with the logos everywhere.

(above) Then he ran out of covers and changed the booklets. This one looked fairly artistic i suppose, with the white logo as the background.

So of course, being there for 5 years, naturally anyone would feel a connection. So it was kinda weird when tuition ended. Normally when tuition ends at the end of the year we would be busy registering for the next year, as places are in demand. But this year when it ended it felt weird.

I would no longer be attending tuition classes, which is a huge relief, but at the same time, unusual. I've had tuition classes for the past 5 years!

Sebastian suggested we should go back one day. Or maybe it was mine. Can't really remember.
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