Saturday, 20 December 2008

Note: The pics used are the pics from the trip to Genting recently. *updated*

When you're sitting in the backseat of your dad's car heading somewhere, do you happily stroll down memory lane like I do?

Do you think of the times when you were young, how life just seemed so troubleless, so carefree, nothing to worry about?

And when the car passes by a playground, do you think of the last time you stepped foot into a playground? How long ago was it? Did you go there to exercise? Or were you still a child, full of energy and excitement as you climbed up the steps and slided down the slides?

As you recall those thoughts, do you feel the nostalgia rising?

When you were 3, you would enjoy playing with everything you can lay your hands on.

Then you would be fascinated by toys.

Then as you grow, you find more interesting things, like merry go rounds.

But as you enter school, you would find anything your friends like interesting. You also like colourful things, like sweets.

Then you outgrow them, and you find those things dull. Instead, you would fill your time playing computer games, obssessed with your virtual characters.

Some would still enjoy being with children. Others would not.

But still, everyone of us would love to go back to the realm of children, where you can do anything in the world without being worried.

How we hope we can just get on the merry go round and not receive stares from people as if you're mentally retarded. Or sitting on those springy playthings without spoiling them and being called a vandaliser.

Or even going out at night, without having to worry about the evils out there. You can just go anywhere you want to, and you'll be safe.

It is as if you own the night. You can walk in the middle of the road without having to worry about anything. Everything that the adults fear- hit and runs, gangsters, robbers, thiefs, crooks, armed criminals; just don't exist in your head.

But alas, that is not possible. All we can do is to cling to the remnants of our toys- rollercoasters, computer games, Nintendo Wiis, nights when you can go out to the playground and just go wild because your neighbours are sleeping and won't tell your parents;

Those thoughts just fill you with comfort, and you can just forget about your troubles for those few minutes.

But then the car stops, and you find yourself facing what you've been trying to avoid- reality.
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