Monday, 8 December 2008

In high school, we were never really exposed to decision making. Most things are arranged for us.

Now however, as I find myself entering college life, I notice that the decisions I have to make is more in numbers now.

Which course do we take? Which one suits us best? Which college should we go to?

I find that to make a decision is not easy at all.

Take Pre-U studies for example. There's SAM, A Levels, etc etc. And to get the degree you want, there's so many ways!

Not to mention, there are so many colleges that offer the same thing!

For me, I don't face the dilemma of those who're considering the Pre-U programs. I'm rather certain of taking mass communications, but I'm still deciding between two choices. I can take the American Degree Program, where I can study here then transfer to the States. The problem is, it's a TRANSFER program, not twining, meaning that I have to apply to universities, and entering a top one is not an easy task. However, American graduates are highly known to be opinionated, vocal, and independant. They can adapt to any situation because the American education system stresses on being all-rounded.

On the other hand, I can take a Foundation in Communication, then continue with my degree with the University of South Australia. It is closer to home and cheaper than US, and UniSA is a pretty highly recognized university, so I'm assured of entering a top U. But I don't know much about Australia, and not much about the program either as all this while, I've been concentrating on ADP.

So which one should I take?

Arrgh! Forget it for now. I just returned from Fraser's Hill about an hour ago (which is why I didn't update, Sebastian) and will be heading to Genting tomorrow. I get 24 hours' rest when I return from the city of entertainment, then on Friday night I'll be flying to Gold Coast.

Hectic, but I'm not complaining. =)
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