Wednesday, 31 December 2008
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I must say, initially I had an idea of a more interesting new year post, and also I thought I could fill the last few days of 2008 with updates. But sadly, with my computer down, there is nothing much that I can do, but to wait until my father has the will to go computer-hunting.

So 2008 is coming to a close. So much has happened this year, the good and the bad. Perhaps a year filled with milestones? Like everyone my age, I'm taking a very huge step forward- leaving the comfort of high school, and stepping out. For me I'll be entering college, and I'll have to start all over again- Adjusting to a new environment, adapt to the another way of studying, meeting new people, making new friends.

Cliched as it sounds, it really seems just not too long ago that I stepped into my now alma mater, struggling to find where I should go. But I guess I adjusted just fine. Then graduation seemed so long away, but like they say, time flies and now I've graduated.

I enrolled at Taylor's for the Foundation in Communication program, which means I've done an about turn and will be heading to Australia one day instead of the US of A.

I know that 2009 will indeed be very different from previous years, and I hope that it will be a wonderful year.

To anyone reading this, happy 2009 and may you have a good year ahead!
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Saturday, 20 December 2008
As We Grew

Note: The pics used are the pics from the trip to Genting recently. *updated*

When you're sitting in the backseat of your dad's car heading somewhere, do you happily stroll down memory lane like I do?

Do you think of the times when you were young, how life just seemed so troubleless, so carefree, nothing to worry about?

And when the car passes by a playground, do you think of the last time you stepped foot into a playground? How long ago was it? Did you go there to exercise? Or were you still a child, full of energy and excitement as you climbed up the steps and slided down the slides?

As you recall those thoughts, do you feel the nostalgia rising?

When you were 3, you would enjoy playing with everything you can lay your hands on.

Then you would be fascinated by toys.

Then as you grow, you find more interesting things, like merry go rounds.

But as you enter school, you would find anything your friends like interesting. You also like colourful things, like sweets.

Then you outgrow them, and you find those things dull. Instead, you would fill your time playing computer games, obssessed with your virtual characters.

Some would still enjoy being with children. Others would not.

But still, everyone of us would love to go back to the realm of children, where you can do anything in the world without being worried.

How we hope we can just get on the merry go round and not receive stares from people as if you're mentally retarded. Or sitting on those springy playthings without spoiling them and being called a vandaliser.

Or even going out at night, without having to worry about the evils out there. You can just go anywhere you want to, and you'll be safe.

It is as if you own the night. You can walk in the middle of the road without having to worry about anything. Everything that the adults fear- hit and runs, gangsters, robbers, thiefs, crooks, armed criminals; just don't exist in your head.

But alas, that is not possible. All we can do is to cling to the remnants of our toys- rollercoasters, computer games, Nintendo Wiis, nights when you can go out to the playground and just go wild because your neighbours are sleeping and won't tell your parents;

Those thoughts just fill you with comfort, and you can just forget about your troubles for those few minutes.

But then the car stops, and you find yourself facing what you've been trying to avoid- reality.
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Thursday, 11 December 2008
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I came back from Genting today, exhausted.

The first night wasn't good. I barely got any sleep. But I did enjoy myself, especially on those thrill rides! When I go with my family, I don't get to experience those rides. But wind developed in my stomach and just refused to exit so I wasn't feeling so well in the night.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully be flying to Gold Coast. Apparently some problems came up and I'm just too lazy to type it all out.

Right now I'm just too lethargic to do anything. When I returned I just lazed around, not finding the will to even unpack. After bathing I finally got the dirty clothes from Genting out, and put them in the pail to be washed.

Then I lazed around more, reading a book before falling asleep.

Now I'm still too lazy to pack, but I've devised a way to ensure that I'll still have everything packed even though it's last minute. I just took out a used exercise book and started listing down what I have to bring. When I suddenly remember to bring something I'll write it down. This way I can still not do anything and be prepared.

For now I'm signing off, hopefully to Gold Coast for an awesome trip.
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Monday, 8 December 2008
Ahhhhh.... Decisions....

In high school, we were never really exposed to decision making. Most things are arranged for us.

Now however, as I find myself entering college life, I notice that the decisions I have to make is more in numbers now.

Which course do we take? Which one suits us best? Which college should we go to?

I find that to make a decision is not easy at all.

Take Pre-U studies for example. There's SAM, A Levels, etc etc. And to get the degree you want, there's so many ways!

Not to mention, there are so many colleges that offer the same thing!

For me, I don't face the dilemma of those who're considering the Pre-U programs. I'm rather certain of taking mass communications, but I'm still deciding between two choices. I can take the American Degree Program, where I can study here then transfer to the States. The problem is, it's a TRANSFER program, not twining, meaning that I have to apply to universities, and entering a top one is not an easy task. However, American graduates are highly known to be opinionated, vocal, and independant. They can adapt to any situation because the American education system stresses on being all-rounded.

On the other hand, I can take a Foundation in Communication, then continue with my degree with the University of South Australia. It is closer to home and cheaper than US, and UniSA is a pretty highly recognized university, so I'm assured of entering a top U. But I don't know much about Australia, and not much about the program either as all this while, I've been concentrating on ADP.

So which one should I take?

Arrgh! Forget it for now. I just returned from Fraser's Hill about an hour ago (which is why I didn't update, Sebastian) and will be heading to Genting tomorrow. I get 24 hours' rest when I return from the city of entertainment, then on Friday night I'll be flying to Gold Coast.

Hectic, but I'm not complaining. =)
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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Today I shall be posting about... EJ.

Pusat Tuisyen Etika Jaya.

I entered in Form 1, for Maths and Science. But it was only this year that I knew why was it named Etika Jaya.

Etika Jaya = EJ. In other words, Evelyn & John, the owners. Mr John Quek and Evelyn.

One of the things I think EJ is known for is the booklets.

That was the amount of booklets that I have collected in Form 4 and Form 5. And that's excluding those thin homework booklets.

But over the years, the booklets have changed, too.

(above) This is how it looked like in Form 1.

(above) Then in Form 2, it adopted a more attractive look.

(above) In Form 3, there were slight changes once again.

(above) In Form 4, it changed yet again.

(above) In Form 5 the centre adopted a more commercial look, what with the logos everywhere.

(above) Then he ran out of covers and changed the booklets. This one looked fairly artistic i suppose, with the white logo as the background.

So of course, being there for 5 years, naturally anyone would feel a connection. So it was kinda weird when tuition ended. Normally when tuition ends at the end of the year we would be busy registering for the next year, as places are in demand. But this year when it ended it felt weird.

I would no longer be attending tuition classes, which is a huge relief, but at the same time, unusual. I've had tuition classes for the past 5 years!

Sebastian suggested we should go back one day. Or maybe it was mine. Can't really remember.
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Update: This is how it looks like now. Even the cbox's colours have been changed to look more fitting.

Nope. You didn't enter the wrong site.

I've had a name change. I decided I did not want to use a common name like Poseidon, but one that is unique and, well, mine. I searched for latin words and tweaked one word, and Fassus came out. As for the site name, prognatus pro maiestas is 'born for greatness' in latin.

The skin needs some modifying, like the date and double friends link, but I'm working on it.
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Monday, 1 December 2008
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The title says it all.

I passed the driving exam today.

But it wasn't without challenge. The wait, of course, was the worst. I arrived at 7.30, and had to wait till 10.35 for my name to be called to prepare for the jalanraya test. I finally got into the car at 10.50, and finished by 11.10. Then it was further waiting, for more than an hour, before I was called to prepare for the second part- the hill, parking and 3 point turn.

I think I did okay. I was one of the 6 or 7 people who got into the cars first without having to wait at the pondok. We just waited in the car for the testers to sort out the papers from the first few batches.

Then it was our turn.

I must say, I didn't do as well as during the practice sessions, mainly because I wasn't so used to the car, so I didn't do as well as I could, but it was still past the grade needed to pass.

The funny thing about it all? By the time I completed the 3 point turn I was ecstatic, because I had passed everything, and hence, I passed the entire exam. So when I walked back to retrieve my form in the sweltering heat, where my shirt was already drenched, I removed my glasses to wipe the sweat off, and then forgotten to put it back on T.T

Oh well. Who cares. I PASSED!!!
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Few Hours.

In just a few hours' time, I'll be taking my driving exam.

This is it. While some people will slug it out to complete Accounts and end their SPM (for science stream anyway) I'll be sitting nervously in a chair, praying to do well. And I'm guessing I won't be mixing around with anyone there. I'll probably be so nervous that I'll be antisocial.

But at least I'm more confident than a week before. Before that, I was still not very confident in myself. But just yesterday I had to drive through traffic jams on the highway, and the engine didn't die off. So that's a huge confidence booster.

AND, when I did the bukit, parking and three point turn, I must say I was pretty good! Or rather, most of the other drivers there were probably just starting to learn the 3 things, so they took a rather long time to complete everything.

There was this once when I had to wait for the parking for so long that by the time I completed it was time to head home. And I was actually hoping to have one last try.

And there was another small stretch of jam, and I THINK I handled it pretty well. I needed no instructions from the instructor and still I could navigate, changing gears from time to time.

So. Will I pass? I must tell myself 'YES! You WILL PASS!'. And hopefully, a triumphant update tomorrow.
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