Saturday, 22 November 2008

The second week of SPM has ended, and I'm down to 3 days, 3 subjects- Bio, Physics and EST.

Time really flies I guess. The first paper last week didn't seem like it happened a week ago at all.

Chemistry passed by without much worry. Although with the '30% tougher' chant John Quek's students have been saying over and over again. Well it turns out Chem wasn't 30% tougher, and I'm praying that the other two isn't, too.

Meet Mr John Quek. He started the 'this year's SPM's 30% tougher than last year!' slogan.

But now, I'm just happily forgetting all the papers I've sat for. No more Chemistry!

Which actually, brings a thought to my mind. The purpose of us studying is just to do well in SPM, and nothing else. No thoughts that we might need it in the future. To me, anyway.

But in this case, what's the point of learning Sejarah and Moral? The argument that you need to learn history so that you wouldn't repeat the mistakes of people past makes sense but nobody's gonna bother remembering the facts any more once SPM's over, so the whole subject's pointless, isn't it?

The same can be said for Moral. The subject's supposed to make us morally upright people. But I wonder, why do we even need answering techniques? Isn't a morally upright answer sufficient? Why must we bother with the ayat watak, huraian, kata kunci, etc etc. I mean, how will answering in a specific technique help us become a good and kind citizen?

You tell me.
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  1. i like your outlook at zewt's recent post - a very refreshing & well-insighted thought by you, someone so young :)

    good luck in your coming final SPM few subjects ya

  2. Poseidon says:

    Hehe. Thanks =) i like to think i'm opinionated although i don't think people think i am haha!


  3. Athena says:

    Hahah , i threw all the moral nilai out of my brain right after the paper , rofl xD