Monday, 1 December 2008

In just a few hours' time, I'll be taking my driving exam.

This is it. While some people will slug it out to complete Accounts and end their SPM (for science stream anyway) I'll be sitting nervously in a chair, praying to do well. And I'm guessing I won't be mixing around with anyone there. I'll probably be so nervous that I'll be antisocial.

But at least I'm more confident than a week before. Before that, I was still not very confident in myself. But just yesterday I had to drive through traffic jams on the highway, and the engine didn't die off. So that's a huge confidence booster.

AND, when I did the bukit, parking and three point turn, I must say I was pretty good! Or rather, most of the other drivers there were probably just starting to learn the 3 things, so they took a rather long time to complete everything.

There was this once when I had to wait for the parking for so long that by the time I completed it was time to head home. And I was actually hoping to have one last try.

And there was another small stretch of jam, and I THINK I handled it pretty well. I needed no instructions from the instructor and still I could navigate, changing gears from time to time.

So. Will I pass? I must tell myself 'YES! You WILL PASS!'. And hopefully, a triumphant update tomorrow.
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