Thursday, 9 October 2008

Do you realize that in Malaysia, most activities related to students almost grinds to a halt when the end of the year approaches?

Yes, it's that time that everyone's facing their final examinations.

For me and some probably tens of thousands, we'll be sitting for our SPM this year.

You know the saying 'time flies'? It should be modified to 'time flies with the speed of light'. See it even sounds nearly the same. I can still remember what I was doing on January 1, 2008. I was in some uncle's house, eating cakes, ice-kacang and chit chatting.

And now? It's October....... 8!

See what I mean? Time really flies. Time moves so quickly that I didn't even realize that there's only 30+ days to SPM. Time flies that everything seems as if it only happened yesterday.

Proof? Zewt, I still remember sending you an email which you will probably be sending back to me soon. I remember reading about it and posting about it in Mount Olympus.

Or you people can just say I have a good memory! =)

No lah, I don't really have a good memory. Some things I tend to forget, but there are things that I can remember.

Right now, I shall have to say that I shall stop updating till I've completed SPM.

Before time flies any more, I should probably stop my online activities and focus on my studies.

Why? Because I'm not prepared! I have tons to memorize, loads to understand. And I'm hoping that I can find the will to study for these last few weeks.

I know I'm not a science person. I've always struggled in science. Last year I had not thought much about it, and was just thinking along the lines of 'oh well, not doing science in college anyway, so...' I prefer liberal arts, like mass communications. I think it's called liberal arts anyway.

Yet, I've somehow found the hunger to do well. Yes, I'm not really an expert nor a natural like some. I don't really have an analytical mind. When I see an obstacle I rarely stop by to analyze it. I would just plough my way through.

Now, I have to suffer the consequences. But I'm not giving up. I just have to work hard these last few weeks and hopefully it'll pay off.

So yes, I'm taking a break and shall return sometime after SPM, which is 27 November for me.
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