Saturday, 20 September 2008

One day, I was out with two friends of mine. We were in this air-conditioned place, in our school uniforms, and with us were one of my friend's parents.

'Teens nowadays..." his mum started saying.

Why? Because we were in a travel agency. One of them had came up with the idea of going for a holiday after SPM, in December.

Our destination?

Gold Coast, Australia.

We decided, well, we might as well have some fun together before we enter colleges! There's the theme parks and all, which is just gonna be amazing!
I'm really looking forward to it right now.

Oops. I've strayed away. My friend's mum said that teens nowadays aren't like them, now we go on holidays ourselves, and to places like Australia, which is not cheap at all.

But then again, students back then didn't face this much exam stress.

Yes, I do have many things I want to do after SPM, like driving. But travelling with high school friends is something I might not get to exprience again.

Hey Gold Coast, wait up!
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  1. dhavati says:

    Well, son , teens nowadays are reallllly, time is different. Anyway, we allowed you to go with your friends, to experience a different kind of vacation with friends, to explore a new place on your own . Yeap, it's expensive , so treasure the journey....not the destination !
    Next, maybe should send you out alone to......... ????