Sunday, 7 September 2008

Yes, I know.

I swore not to post anything till after the trials. But I just had to.

I can only remember having a birthday party years ago, when I was really young. Back then, it was just the relatives- cousins, uncles, aunts, sister and parents, and of course one or two schoolmates.

Tomorrow, 8th September, would be the day I turn 17. And it's also the day the trials start. Now this year I had been in a few surprise parties among my friends, and since my birthday is during the trials, I didn't suspect anything.

And they pulled it off. A surprise birthday.

It wasn't on the day itself, but I'm truly glad and surprised. They came and surprised me from my bed! I was still sleeping!

Throughout my 17 years, never before did I have a surprise birthday. Or I just couldn't remember.

And although I had tuition today, and it wasn't exactly my birthday, but I'm still immensely surprised and happy.

Guys, thanks for this wonderful day you've brought me. And thanks for being such good friends. I never thought you'd plan anything so close to the exams!

I won't forget this birthday. Ever. It's the best one I've had!
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