Sunday, 7 September 2008

It's 1.12 in the morning, and I find myself hopelessly cramming facts into my head.

Exactly how much has entered? And how much didn't?

I do not know the answer. But I do know that I have to stop coming online, at least temporarily.

Trials exam starts on Monday, which coincidentally, is my birthday. What a nice way to celebrate: Taking an exam. But as it's for my future, I'll let this special 17th birthday (driving!!!!) pass. And since I'm having intensive courses till November, I won't be able to get my driving license yet. How sad is that? Some of my friends can already display the 'P' sign proudly on their cars, and I haven't even started learning yet. Oh well. At least I passed the theory exam!

Anyhow, I will have to fully concentrate on this exam. It is very, very important as should I decide to enter college before my SPM results are out, then this result will be used. So I have to do well. I have to. No buts or anything. I just have to.

I went to a dinner tonight at some temple friend's home. Also present were a couple whose son is currently in the U.S, studying film. From what I hear it's pretty cool! Besides the 24 hour work, they get to visit places like Universal Studios! But of course, the downside is sometimes they have to go days without sleep at all.

But that cannot be achieved if I don't do well in my trials. So yes, I'm signing off now, and shall hope to return with satisfying results!
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