Tuesday, 30 September 2008
I'm A Fan Now!

You know how in Sejarah Form 4 there's one small picture saying that King Henry VIII decided to split from the Catholic Church so that he could marry Anne Boleyn?

I have to admit, I've been rather interested in Tudor history for some time now. I was fascinated by how Anne Boleyn manipulated her way to the throne and changed everything. I like that part of England's history, from how Henry married his brother's widow to the death of the last Tudor, Elizabeth.

There's been 2 films this year of that period, namely Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and The Other Boleyn Girl, which is about the Boleyn sisters, Anne and Mary.

But now, I can say I'm a fan of Philippa Gregory.

She's an author.

She writes historical fiction.

Yes, she wrote a few books on Tudors. I've read The Other Boleyn Girl, and found it highly interesting.

Now I might sound like a bookworm, but I'm reading The Boleyn Inheritance now. And unfortunately, I have another one which I've yet to read, The Other Queen.

I daresay that I do not like history. Yet I'm drawn to this period. Somehow I just want to know more about it.

It's like an obsession.
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Saturday, 27 September 2008
Over... For Now

Finally, the trials are over.

Yes, lots of 'help' appeared which may really have helped me out.

I've decided that if my results turn out to be better than expected, I'll enroll in college for the January intake.

I might as well make full use of the help I've been given!

But the end of the trials is a huge relief. Seriously.

Now, it's just the final 100m left: SPM.

Trials was tough. The schedule was tight and long. Every day we had an exam, for a total of 12 days.

I went through the SPM timetable, and am relieved that it only has 8 examination days in the 16 day examination period for me. Some people have 19 days, some 20. I'm lucky to have only 16 days, and 8 of those are rest days! So it won't be as tiring as the trials.

For those 12 days, I down two cups of coffee every day so I won't feel the need to sleep. So yeah, I'm pretty sleep-deprived right now.

Now, I shall give myself a break. Tomorrow and Sunday I shall sleep all I want. Then I shall reduce it on Monday onwards and start studying in the morning.

If you look at the bloglist right now, the top 3 are my schoolmates. I guess we all blog when we're relieved.

I can't wait for SPM to end, yet I hope that it won't be so soon so I can spend more time with my friends.

But in the meantime, adios!
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Saturday, 20 September 2008
Teens Nowadays?

One day, I was out with two friends of mine. We were in this air-conditioned place, in our school uniforms, and with us were one of my friend's parents.

'Teens nowadays..." his mum started saying.

Why? Because we were in a travel agency. One of them had came up with the idea of going for a holiday after SPM, in December.

Our destination?

Gold Coast, Australia.

We decided, well, we might as well have some fun together before we enter colleges! There's the theme parks and all, which is just gonna be amazing!
I'm really looking forward to it right now.

Oops. I've strayed away. My friend's mum said that teens nowadays aren't like them, now we go on holidays ourselves, and to places like Australia, which is not cheap at all.

But then again, students back then didn't face this much exam stress.

Yes, I do have many things I want to do after SPM, like driving. But travelling with high school friends is something I might not get to exprience again.

Hey Gold Coast, wait up!
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Sunday, 14 September 2008
Segi College

These days, I attend intensive courses at Segi College Subang Jaya. Now this is what happened...
An attempt to imitate the statue.

Now this is nice. It really seems as if the statue was holding the tuition centre's booklet! And we seem quite convincing, in my opinion. Or maybe I'm just self-centred.

Oh and P.S. Yong Bin opened a blog! Welcome Bin to the world of blogging!. Hopefully our numbers'll get bigger and bigger! Oh and PRUE still rocks!
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Friday, 12 September 2008
I Never Knew...

So the first week of trials has passed.

I can breathe slightly better now.

It was tough, but I had help.

The first paper was Bahasa Melayu (or Malaysia, I really can't keep track). A few days earlier a friend of mine told me about rumours of spotted questions that are coming out.

And true enough, it did!

That went on for 3 papers of 3 different subjects.

The worst, however, was Sejarah.

Now I shall not reveal any details on any of the above said. After all, I wouldn't want to be the next person to have his blog blocked from the country for being inappropriate.

But I can say that I got help. It may be a lucky guess from a nice friend, or it could be a spotted question by a renowned teacher, or I just so happened to hear only things that are useful.

Anyway, when we got the paper, I was still wondering whether the leak was real.

Then we were allowed to start.

And I got the best shock of my life.

Sadly, although with help, I still couldn't answer some questions.

But still, it helped. A lot.

Could've made a difference between a pass and a fail. Yes, I'm THAT bad.

Now, however, is crunch time. I have till Thursday to prepare, then it's the Science subjects- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Maths, Maths, ...

In a totally unrelated issue, I never thought I'd find a Trudi Canavan fan.

I love her books, the stories are just so captivating! And that's why I just don't understand why she's not really well known. She has fantastic ideas!

But now, it's time to go off, and prepare for another 7 days of examinations...
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Sunday, 7 September 2008
I Swore Not To But...

Yes, I know.

I swore not to post anything till after the trials. But I just had to.

I can only remember having a birthday party years ago, when I was really young. Back then, it was just the relatives- cousins, uncles, aunts, sister and parents, and of course one or two schoolmates.

Tomorrow, 8th September, would be the day I turn 17. And it's also the day the trials start. Now this year I had been in a few surprise parties among my friends, and since my birthday is during the trials, I didn't suspect anything.

And they pulled it off. A surprise birthday.

It wasn't on the day itself, but I'm truly glad and surprised. They came and surprised me from my bed! I was still sleeping!

Throughout my 17 years, never before did I have a surprise birthday. Or I just couldn't remember.

And although I had tuition today, and it wasn't exactly my birthday, but I'm still immensely surprised and happy.

Guys, thanks for this wonderful day you've brought me. And thanks for being such good friends. I never thought you'd plan anything so close to the exams!

I won't forget this birthday. Ever. It's the best one I've had!
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Another Break

It's 1.12 in the morning, and I find myself hopelessly cramming facts into my head.

Exactly how much has entered? And how much didn't?

I do not know the answer. But I do know that I have to stop coming online, at least temporarily.

Trials exam starts on Monday, which coincidentally, is my birthday. What a nice way to celebrate: Taking an exam. But as it's for my future, I'll let this special 17th birthday (driving!!!!) pass. And since I'm having intensive courses till November, I won't be able to get my driving license yet. How sad is that? Some of my friends can already display the 'P' sign proudly on their cars, and I haven't even started learning yet. Oh well. At least I passed the theory exam!

Anyhow, I will have to fully concentrate on this exam. It is very, very important as should I decide to enter college before my SPM results are out, then this result will be used. So I have to do well. I have to. No buts or anything. I just have to.

I went to a dinner tonight at some temple friend's home. Also present were a couple whose son is currently in the U.S, studying film. From what I hear it's pretty cool! Besides the 24 hour work, they get to visit places like Universal Studios! But of course, the downside is sometimes they have to go days without sleep at all.

But that cannot be achieved if I don't do well in my trials. So yes, I'm signing off now, and shall hope to return with satisfying results!
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