Sunday, 31 August 2008


Those pretty, beautiful, classic tough cars.

Or rather, just the Beetle / Bug series. And I admit, I have no idea how to differentiate between them. Maybe they don't even exist!

Anyway, I went to Summit USJ (yes, the one which got robbed last night!) with a couple of friends and guess what? There was a Volkswagon convention of some sort. I wasn't exactly interested so I didn't walk around getting information, but I did take a few pictures of and with some of the unique designs:

One whole line of them!
Here's some of the nicely painted ones:

What a steering wheel!

One of the vans...
Me and Yongbin, standing with this rather unique car. The picture was added with special effects.

My father, who is totally engrossed in antique cars, is of course glad to have the opportunity to take a look at cars about the same age as him.

He said he's gonna buy this car and that car, and I'm wondering where in the world can he find a place to keep those cars. Buying it for me to drive is just an excuse. And there are enough cars for the family. Mum says that he'll need to get a warehouse for them.

And I must say, I couldn't agree more!

*The event lasts till 10pm tonight from what I heard.
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