Friday, 8 August 2008

Finally, I'm updating my blog. It seems like forever since I last time I typed something here.

The past two weeks was highly uninteresting, unlike my former life, where in two weeks, a thousand things can happen. Instead, now I'm living the life of a normal student. I go to school, I go to class and I never skip classes any more.

At the beginning, I had difficulty accepting this. But now, I actually think it's not that bad! I can finally sit down and focus on my studies. Plus, the latest gossips in school is just as interesting and unfair as some other things that's happening nationwide, that I think the current prefect board will be having trouble coping. But oh well. I don't give a damn, since I'm a retired prefect.

Life is still fun, with all the fun I'm having with my friends.

However, there's the added pressure of SPM. We've received the schedule few days ago, and I learned that it starts from 11th November till 27th November. A few of my friends even have a self imposed ban on the Net till SPM ends! But I know them too well. They just couldn't resist and will come online still. I too, set a restriction, not ban, on myself. I will only use the Net on Fridays and weekends. On other days when I have nothing to do, I will not turn the computer on, but I shall take a book out and start studying.

And I received good news! I got accepted into BRATs! Yep, the journalism BRATs! I shall be leaving for Kajang next Saturday, and will only return on Tuesday, which is during the school holidays. I'm hoping that I'll learn something there! I received the tentative itinerary, and was highly amused to see a self defence session!

But back to my school life.

Now I can let go.

Not completely, but partially.

I can be slightly more rebellious, but of course I know my limit.

I don't have to worry about students constantly observing me, as now they're observing the next board. But sadly, I've heard rumours that they're bickering among themselves already. How sad. This just proves my point that they're not a good board. True, my board had our own share of quarrels but we solved each and every one of them. I can guarantee you that.

And I'm finally stopping here. Why? Because I gotta eat my dinner and catch the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics!
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