Wednesday, 9 July 2008

It had always puzzled me as to why I was the secretary of my school's scout troop.

I had actually knew the answer but had just forgotten about it. Yesterday during a tuition class I was reminded of it when me and another scout were talking about it.

I was highly inactive during my lower secondary years. Towards the end of Form Three, I rejoined, and was active again. I became the Assistant Quartermaster for the annual dinner.

Then, I had nothing to do. I did not have to split my attention into a few parts, so I focused completely on my task at hand. And from feedbacks I'd received, apparently I did a good job.

Then Form Four came. I had a rather easy task of just helping out, and with no other responsibilities. But the seniors noticed this. Soon, I became a person who's hard to forget, in the seniors' eyes.

After that came the selection of candidates for TL, or Troop Leader. Surprisingly, I was one of them. One out of 3 candidates.

We were brought to a campfire in another school, just the three of us and several seniors.

Unfortunately, we did not do a good job. We were supposed to socialize, and instead we stuck together and never talked to anyone else.

Then, the Recruit Camp came. I was made assistant camp commandant. I was clueless about most things, and did quite a bad job.

In the post mortem, where the seniors also taught us a few skills, the TL told me that I have the potential in me. He said that I'm like a flower that hasn't bloomed yet. According to him, with the right guidance I can bloom very beautifully.

Okay, I'm not being self absorbed here, but it IS what happened.

Anyway, later I found out that I got Secretary. I think the TL and the scouters had rightfully saw that I'm better at handling paperwork.

So that's my story.

And I'm glad that I was reminded of it. It just gives me the confidence, that I can be good at whatever I do.
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