Sunday, 6 July 2008

So the prefect installation is over, and I've given out all my prefectorial duties.

It's been only two days after the installation, but already I'm missing life as a prefect.

Before this, I have to wake up early every day to prepare for the day ahead. I have to make sure that there's nothing wrong with my dressing. Then in school, I shall have to begin the long day by ensuring the prefects do their morning duty, or collecting money.

After that, it's probably a meeting in the BP, or Bilik Pengawas. Here we discuss about events, problems, and the next board, etc etc. And time passes so quickly that sometimes I don't enter class at all. On some days I'll get to sit in my seat in class, trying hard to focus with all that's already in my head.

Then my 'retirement' came.

I have to admit, I enjoy waking up late, and reaching school at the nick of time, but beyond that, is nothing. I enter class and listen to the teachers. No meetings, nothing. Just a schooling day ahead. And time passes so slowly!

For once now, I don't have to think about anything. I don't have to think about solutions to problems, upcoming events, things to do, etc. etc.

I can go for recess like any other normal student.

I hang out with fellow retired prefects, and what we all think is: Life is boring.

Now, we don't mind having something to do. We don't mind cracking our heads. We want our life back. That's how we've been living for the past four and a half years, and we're not adjusting well.

We feel that without all those things to do, life just isn't colourful.

This sentiment is shared by a few of us, mostly those who have lots of things to do every day.

Izwan had actually admitted that he wouldn't mind having a meeting right now!

I thought back.

Yes, I don't mind skipping classes for a meeting either!
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