Friday, 27 June 2008

Just yesterday, we form five prefects announced the list of our successors.

And with that, we're 90% retired. Come next Tuesday, we'll be fully retired prefects.

I have no idea where the word retire came into existence in the board, but that's generally the term used for form 5 prefects after the installation, where we're relieved of prefectorial duties.

However, in the past 2 days, so much has happened. And we realized that we treasure each other so much. And I was so touched by these people that I want to dedicate this to all of them. Yes, they wouldn't be reading this, but I just feel justified to do so.

I started out as a prefect in Form One. Then I was a clueless young kid. I didn't know much. Soon, thanks to the terrifying Form Five seniors who screamed at us every now and then, we were a good bunch, always disciplined. Then it was Form Two. I was elected as the Treasurer of the afternoon board.

Without realizing it much, I entered Form Three. The seniors weren't as harsh at first. Then when our duty started to slack, one day they just blew their top, and after that we had always been doing a good job.

Then Form Four came. It was the time. Time to get that coveted post in the board. The interviews were mind racking, and the suspense real tense. I had wanted a post then. I wished for it more than anything else. More than getting good grades.

And I was thrilled to my bone about it. Because I had got what I want. I was Treasurer, for the second time. I know of only one other prefect who has done it. And I was also one of the few male Treasurers.

And now, I'm leaving it.

The past two days have been really tough on us, but I treasure it a lot. We've been the closest to each other, and it made us all realize how important we are to each other. It made me realize just how much I treasure our friendship.

Throughout these five years, I've learned, I've gained, and I've lost. Some skills I don't even know I've picked up, until I'm told about it. Some lessons in life I've learned about in the past year. I've went through things I had not imagined I would go through. And I went through it all with these wonderful bunch of people, whom I'll never forget.

The times when we were sitting in the Prefects' Room, thinking of a solution to a problem, debating, laughing. Those times were truly the best time I had in my life. I really felt I belonged, and this is the first time I felt this way to a group of friends. Our friendship crossed boundaries, brought us through obstacle after obstacle.

On the day we announced the new board, I asked you guys whether you guys wanted a post now if you were given the chance to go back to Form Four. All of you said no.

My answer? Yes, if I could go through it all with you guys again.

Jiawei, the resilient head prefect who made us all laugh, and cry. You are the best head prefect I've worked under.

Stephanie, the thinker and rationale of the group, the deputy head prefect. Without you, we won't reach decisions as fast.

Iman, the exuberant deputy head prefect. I enjoyed being in your cheerful company.

Yuetyin, the funny and witty secretary. Your laughter will be imprinted in my memory. And the kindness you have for everyone is something I admire a lot.

Izwan, the assistant secretary. I think I was greatly influenced by your lame-ness. You're a great friend, and I shall remember the good times we've had.

Yongbin, the big guy. I can confide some problems with you, and being with you these five years have been wonderful.

Yixian, the friend with the unpredictable moods. Still, you kept my secrets, and I kept yours. You're highly reliable and a great person to be with, and I am glad that we got to become friends.

Keanweng, the funny guy. What would meetings be without your evil witch / hyena laughter? Your cheerfulness made us all happy when we were down, and thanks for being there for me.

A senior said from our last speeches, she could tell that all of us matured a lot. I don't know whether or not I matured, but I do know that I've learned so much in the last one year. These things can never be replaced. I myself was told that I've changed a lot this year, by few people.

I'm truly glad that I got to meet you guys. We've laughed together, sat solemnly in silence, shed tears together. To me, it was all worth everything. Nothing could ever replace the wonderful, bittersweet times I've had with you guys, especially in the last year.

And to tell you the truth, words cannot describe how much you people mean to me. You're the ones I'd miss after school.

I had looked forward to seeing you guys every day. I looked forward to cracking jokes, being lame. I looked forward to being in you guys' company.

What is school life without you guys?

After our retirement, I really hope that we'll still stay as close, and not friends who just say 'hi' and 'bye'. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that it doesn't happen. I hope that we can still stay as the friends we are today.

Together, as one, we went through thick and thin, through problems within and from outside. Tears were shed, and we were always there for each other. We've truly become a family. And I've no regrets about anything.

You guys have made me who I am today. I would not be the rather lame, love to argue Jerrenn you know. Throughout these years we moulded each other, and it's worth it!

So guys, thanks for the bittersweet memories you've given me for the past five years. I shall remember them for as long as I can. Thanks for everything you've taught me, everything you've shared with me, everything I've experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Although there's still so many things I want to jot down, I just can't, but we're the best board ever! If only we could stay together longer. But as all good things must come to an end, I shall have to learn to accept it, but it's not going to be any easier, for you guys mean so much to me, so much that even as I'm typing this, tears are forming in my eyes. So much that I wish we needn't leave each other. So much that I simply can't find the words to describe it. But it's something so deep within me, something that traverses more than just normal friendship, something that's etched inside of me.

So, here's a toast to us.

To all the unforgettable memories.

To all we've went through together.

To everything.

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