Sunday, 22 June 2008

Okay, I'm sorry for taking so long, but here's my 2 trips. I'll start with Malacca.

This is the villa we fifth formers stayed in:

At night, after having dinner, we reached back at about 11pm, and started having fun. We ended up sleeping at like 3am. I'm the one in white.

A day after my return I headed to Kuala Terengganu.
Yeap, the 'bride' and the 'groom'.

The most artistic wedding pictures I've ever seen!

The wedding day!

This is something I've never encountered before. Apparently the car has to drive pass the ribbon, and give the 2 boys holding it red packets each before being allowed passage through. A toll gate, perhaps?

Later in the afternoon I went to the beach. Here I took a few pics.

Before the wedding dinner. I decided to take a few pics, for fun, seen here posing like a model, maybe?

With my 4 young cousins and aunt. I seem to be the only one smiling.

Later in the night, with 2 of my cousins.

The day I left for home.

It was a fun week, full of adventures! I'm looking forward for the next trip!
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