Friday, 6 June 2008

Now, everyone seems to be talking about the hike in the price of petrol.

I'd just post about something related to it.


Today I went for the theory exam. I went with a friend, and met up with another two. Two of them had went in, took the test, and came out again, passing with flying colours.

I was getting nervous. I had barely studied, and for the past few days I was in Malacca, so I couldn't study. I only managed to cram some into my head the night before and when I waited for my name to be called.

The third friend went in. After minutes, which had seemed like hours, my name was finally called and I entered the room, taking slow, nervous steps as I entered and began the test.

As I was answering the questions I got more and more worried. There were many questions which I don't know the answer to, and I was only allowed 8 mistakes. I tried my best, and finished it in 17 minutes. The next instruction was to proceed to the counter to print my results.

I was stunned for the briefest of moments. For less than a second I thought that we wouldn't know our results until we reached the counter. But I saw the word keputusan below that statement. I wasted no time. I clicked on it with trembling fingers.

The result? 3 mistakes. THREE! I was really, really elated. I quickly got up, and nearly tripped myself as I left the room. I opened the door and came out. It was those doors that has the mechanism to close by itself, so I made no effort to stop it. It closed with a loud bang.

My three friends, all of whom had passed and were waiting for me, said 'whoa!' when they say that I was the one who closed the door that loudly. I shrugged at them, then proceeded to the counter. This time I took confident, purposeful strides. My results were printed, and I was glad to know that it was finally over.

It's amazing how much difference in body language a person shows.

And that is how I know what mood friends are in most of the time.

When he is angry he takes loud and fast steps, and more often than not his face would be neutral, the look of anger is slight but still noticeable. He wouldn't talk much. Sometimes others doesn't notice this change but I do.

When he is happy he would smile a lot, and would always tell you what made his day.

Similarly, I can normally tell when one of my friends are in a bad mood, or emo-ing in our language. I have no idea how I do it, but I have a slight suspicion that it's due to body language and facial expressions. I like it that I can 'sense' their emotions.

What I don't like is that I don't know what to say when they're in a bad mood, or are having a bad day.

Once when a friend broke down in tears I just sat quietly, not knowing what to do or say, whilst the others were saying all the right things, and doing everything right as well. Before I realised I could tell my friends' emotions, I had prided myself in being able to comfort my friends when they're down, so it really punctured a hole in my self esteem. But I have mended that hole since. Now, I just enjoy my last year in high school, all the while hoping that it'll last longer.

I'll be heading to Terengganu tomorrow, and would only be back on Sunday, so I guess I won't be updating this blog soon.
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