Friday, 13 June 2008

A few weeks back a friend of mine had posted a counter to count down the days left till SPM.

I had wanted to follow suit, but stopped myself.

True, the counter could constantly remind me of the urgency to study. But I thought of it another way.

I thought of it as the time left with friends.

Why? Simple.

This is really, truly my last year in high school. And I've had such good times in the last four and a half years I would never dream of leaving my high school friends. This last year was exceptionally fun. Those memories are truly worth cherishing for a long, long time.

And that is why I do not want to leave school just yet.

It is rather ironic, actually. Few years back I couldn't wait to leave high school.

And now, this feeling is rather new. When I was 12 and waiting to be 'elevated' to secondary school, I had wanted to leave my primary school. Somehow I just did not really connect there, with the place and the people. Of course, there were good people and good times, but when I reached secondary school I had already forgotten that I'd left primary school.

But this is so much different. For once, I want to stay longer in school. I want to spend more time with my friends. I don't mind staying a year more, actually, if I can be with my friends.

Some might argue that we still can meet up even though we've graduated. I agree to some point. But those meetings will not be frequent, as we all will go separate ways after SPM. Some of my friends are interested in medicine. Others want to pursue law. Some wants to do engineering.

And in college we're bound to be busy, so how, how, can we find the time to meet up?

I treasure all the friendships that I've forged in these few years greatly. I only hope that they treasure it as much too, and would still find time to meet up. But I'm prepared to face the worst, when it seems high school friends are forgotten. But I really pray that it doesn't happen. Truly, I do.

SPM lasts till December, so I would say that we would be together till then. And that's why I did not want to put the counter.

It would remind me how many days I have left with my friends, my high school mates. And I do not want to be reminded about that.

I want to be able to spend these last few months happily together, and think nothing about separating.
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