Sunday, 1 June 2008

This particular video caught my attention.

In it, the younger brother is always bullied by his older brother. But, on the day he got fired, his ever-annoying sibling came through, asking him whether he's all right. His brother gave the reason for caring for him as 'because I'm your older brother'.

I find that advertisement very meaningful. Siblings should always look out for each other.

It is just the same with me. I have an older sister. And although we do get into fights and quarrels when we were young kids, as we grew older we learnt to appreciate each other, and to help each other. We find that it is when we are separated that we truly feel the need for the other's company.

Of course, dear sista, if you're reading this, let me remind you that I do not appreciate the tantrums you used to throw! And since I'm a teen now, it is thou who will have to put up with my rather unpredictable behaviour when you return. I can be so moody that I would just keep quiet and not answer anything you tell me, and I can be so cheerful and talkative that you'd wish that I'm moody instead.

Siblings. That's just how life is.

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