Monday, 26 May 2008

A while ago, I had said that I was really, really uninspired to write something.

Now that I think back, actually I was wrong; I had inspiration, it's just that it came at the wrong time.

That's just the problem with everyone (I hope!). When you sit down and want to write something, your brain just refuse to process anything. Instead, it awards you with a blank. Now, you're stuck with not knowing what to write about. So you turn the computer off.

Then you find something else to do. Be it homework, housework, meeting up with friends, shopping, you suddenly thought of something to write about. You make a mental note. Unfortunately, by the time your computer is switched on again you just can't seem to remember what you wanted to jot down.

I face this problem. Sometimes halfway into the exam I would just think of something that I can blog about. Seriously. But when I reach home, all of those ideas had fled from my mind as I studied for the next day's paper. Sometimes when I come online during those days I would find myself unable to think of anything to write.

When I had first started a shared blog with a few friends, which was during the end of year holidays, I could post something every single day. That was because I spend a lot of time online, and when I find something interesting I would post it.

Lately, ideas would pop into my head from time to time. Most of the time I'm at home. Sometimes I'm not. But I'm also blessed because most of the time, my ideas would appear a second time.

And so, I devised a near-foolproof way. I took a book out and started jotting down the topics of what I can write about. When an idea pops in, then I would jot it down. Like the previous post about scouts, for example. Or even the one on Fatimah. If I had not jotted those down, I would not have been able to pen it down.

So hurry up, grab that notebook and start jotting!
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