Monday, 19 May 2008

Yesterday, the winner of the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award was announced in The Star.

She is 16 year-old Genevieve Keizha Leon, of Stella Maris High School.

In the award ceremony, she said:

From experience, if you don't achieve what you want at the first try, try again.

I think she wrote a non-fiction entry.

Her essay, based on this year's theme “Tomorrow's World”, touched on the global problems past and present and her vision of a utopian future.

Irish Ambassador to Malaysia Eugene Hutchinson, one of the judges, said:

I'm really impressed by the great maturity of our participants, which testifies to the talent present in schools here.

Having said that, here comes my argument.

Is it possible that the judges had actually preferred non fiction entries?

I might be raving, but from that statement, my impression was that he prefers non fiction. Perhaps I'm wrong. I certainly hope I am!

Anyway, Genevieve said that we have to persevere if we want to win something.

I've participated in a few competitions now, and have returned with... nothing.

I do hope that what she says is true. No doubt, she has talent in writing, considering this is only her second attempt! And if I'm not mistaken, she was shortlisted last year too. Oh well. Maybe I'll win next year, then!

Lately, I've been so stressed up in school that I simply did not have the inspiration to think of something to write. I just return home every day and would just want to stop being in such a tough position. And luckily, I'll stop being in it from the 2nd of July! Yippee!

I still have 3 days of exams left, and am looking forward to the end of it! Then it's one of the senior assistant's retirement.

Life is indeed tough. But what can we do?


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