Saturday, 24 May 2008

The title says it all.

I joined scouts in Form 1. After the Recruit Camp I became inactive.

The reason? I did not like the scouters. They were cruel. I could take harsh activities that they throw at us, but waht I just couldn't take was their insults. Say we have to climb a wall or something. If a person can't do it at the first time, insults'll start to fly out of their mouth. Some of us who are full of confidence had no problem but I wasn't one of them.

After that harsh realisation of the troop, my perception of scouts went down the drain. Literally. I thought of scouters as foul creatures, who vow to be a scout but act like a cruel commander.

So after that, I became inactive for 2 years. At the end of Form 3, a friend asked me whether I'm considering rejoining scouts. I agreed. This time I was considered a more senior scout. At Form 4, we had to plan most things and weren't subjected to punishments like the rest. We were just told how bad our planning skills are, etc. etc. But those I can take. Over time I've even learned how to fake it. I will look as if I'm listening intently, but in truth I'm thinking about what I'm going to do when I get home.

Then sometime last year, I went away for a trip. There was a scout meeting. I was told later that I was appointed secretary. OF THE TROOP.

I was slightly elated. Of all people, of all the scouts, I got picked as secretary, a member of the "Court of Honour". I wasn't even thinking very highly of the seniors! Well, with the exception of a few, like one that helped me when I wasn't feeling well, and another who helped me dig a hole when I admitted that I wasn't good at it. Those seniors are the ones I truly respect.

Anyway, I tried my best to do the job. But I knew I wasn't the typical secretary either. I was pretty sucky at paperwork at the beginning, though I got better later. My handwriting could match that of a doctor's. My predecessor left me with nearly nothing, so I had to start nearly from scratch. And since I've been inactive so long, I didn't know much things. So I'm pretty proud of myself as I've been respected as a secretary. RESPECTED. By some anyway.

But as time passed, I disliked being a scout more and more. At first I disliked the seniors. I made a point not to be like them. Then I disliked the way they run things. When I rejoined I had considered continuing with the troop after school, and maybe one day become a GOOD scouter. But later I just thought "Nah, I will NEVER return once I leave".

Scouting just isn't fun anymore.

When I went for the National Jamboree in 2006, sure it was long and tiring, and I was homesick, but when I came home I knew that it was truly an amazing experience, one that I might do again. But now I just had it.

I can't wait for the time when I can hand over everything to the next secretary. I've made a point to prepare him / her as good as I can, with as much guidance as possible.

Although if given the chance to attend something like the jamboree, I wouldn't mind.
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