Saturday, 17 May 2008

Today I read an interesting article in The Star.

Ghost-hunting tours are all the rage in England now. Why, there is even one in learned, rational Oxford.

I was really intrigued. So I read on.

At one point, the psychic, Paul, had goaded the spirits to reveal themselves.

Strange events started to unfold then.

Red and white light orbs started dancing around us momentarily. One of the participants gave a yelp, saying that something cold had brushed against his neck.

And then came three, slow knocks from the roof. Unless someone had been hiding up there for the past few hours in the freezing winter night, risking life and limb just to scare us out of our wits, the sounds were impossible to replicate.

Minutes later, we heard the sounds of stones being thrown a few feet from where I was standing.

All hell broke loose after that, as everyone started running for the door.

After that, the group proceeded to another room, where they asked the spirits questions by holding a piece of glass which will point towards 'Yes' or 'No'. They tried something challenging.

They asked the spirits to move the table in the room.

Lo and behold, the table suddenly sprang to life on its own, slowly tilting to an impossible 45° angle without falling over. Then it continued to sway back and forth. I checked the table afterwards to see if any trickery was afoot, but there was none.

So, do you still think ghosts don't exist?

I'm pretty interested to go for this tour of the place now. It's just too bad that it's so far away in England.

Upon reading the article, I was brought back to a memory of some time ago.

It was in an event in temple. Not the Taoist ones, but a rather modern Theravadian one (means there's air-cond). I was in the main hall where most prayers and ceremonies are held. As usual there were photographers around, clicking away like nobody's business.

When the photos were developed, they saw white balls around the hall. There were a lot of them when prayers were in progress. Apparently, this is a normal occurence; every time an auspicious ceremony is being held, there would be white balls of light around. There was one of it at my neck in one of the photos.

People were saying that those were the devas, sort of like angels. But now looking back at the article, I'm starting to wonder. What if those were malevolent beings instead of benevolent? I mean, we can't be sure, but those at the castle did cause some havoc and proved their presence. The ones in the hall were just there.

Seems like nobody can ever answer this.

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