Friday, 23 May 2008

It's 10.30 at night over here at Malaysia. Normally, I wouldn't post a thing at such an hour but today's different.


I can't believe how excited I am.

Today's paper actually took only an hour. I finished in half. So I was thinking of catching some sleep. And it was so nice, uninterrupted, when some of the prefects decided to hand in the paper earlier to get ready for the deputy headmistress's retirement. One of them handed the paper and as she left the classroom, slammed into my chair. PURPOSELY. So my beauty sleep was interrupted. I couldn't see properly. My eyes was still adjusting to the brightness of the day. I didn't know what was happening till she beckoned me. Then I knew. I groggily got up, handed my paper, took my things and left the class as well.

It was a nice thing. Exam's finally ended! It's just too bad there were no screams. Normally there would be. I was quite surprised nothing happened.

But I'm still happy.

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