Friday, 9 May 2008

I used to be afraid of spirits, ghosts and things of the supernatural.

Still am, but it's just a tiny tinge of fear now.

I had always believed in the supernatural. When my grandmother passed away, that belief was strengthened. The fear of it also lessened.

Last year, during the exams, which was scheduled for the end of the school day, me and a few friends humoured ourselves with ghost stories instead.

The result? One of us got so scared he had difficulty sleeping that night.

But that started a series of events that prompted me to believe in the supernatural, yet not fearing it too much. One of them was more ghost stories. I was truly liking the thrill of it then. Until one night I started thinking too much and I told myself that it's time to stop.

But by then, I had heard so many stories that I myself could spook people.

One of those was of Fatimah, a rumoured ghost to be in my school.

One of the teachers told her students that a pregnant student had died in the secluded toilet in the school many, many years ago. She went one floor above to the storage room next to the catering stream, and has been haunting that room ever since. She also said that the previous bodyguard quit his job because one night she came out to see him, and told him not to bother her.

As a rather high-ranked prefect (yes, allow me the satisfaction for once!), one of my duties include patrolling the school. I would normally do this with another prefect. We would always scare each other about Fatimah when we near her room. One shocking fact is that there used to be a floor mop leaning there, and from far it does look like a head with white hair sometimes.

The 2 of us really loved to scare people after that. Or rather, almost every abnormality is connected to her.

One day, I was supervising the scout juniors in an expedition in Taman Pertanian Malaysia. One of the tasks required the team to hike up a mountain. It was a road in the middle of a jungle. As my team went up, we saw one heading down. They told us that one of their members had a sixth sense, what the Chinese call the ability to see spirits. That girl with sixth sense told us she saw things there which is not pleasant at all. So, everyone headed back.

Once we were safely awaiting the bus, out of curiosity we asked the girl about our school. She told us in detail about many spirits lurking in our school compound. One at the backstage, etc. etc.

And her most horrifying words:

I even know the name of the backstage ghost. It's Fatimah.

I turned speechless at that point. I'm not sure whether I believed in her existence, but it was fun seeing my friends' shocked faces when I said something about her. I asked this junior more about it.

Apparently, she got pregnant and lived in the school hall. Her friends would give her food every day. When the school closed for the school holidays she had no food, and she died.

I don't think there's any reason for this girl to lie.

So Fatimah exists. After that, I had stopped mentioning her. Until recently. But that's for another post.

Of course, there's other tales that I've went through in school, but so far I've not encountered any supernatural beings. For that I'm immensely grateful.
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