Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I'm sitting for my school's mid year exam for 3 weeks.

3 weeks of torment.

Last year, I didn't think of exams as THAT bad because I could sleep after I'm done, and I wasn't failing either. Wasn't scoring, but wasn't failing either.

Now there's a new ruling by the new senior assistant. We can't sleep during exams. But yesterday I just did not care and just slept after I've finished the paper. I figured that since there's 40 minutes left, I can't be expected to just sit there can I?

This year, I'll be sitting for my SPM. So exams are very important now. I need to gauge where I stand.

Sadly, I'm STILL not scoring. Worse, the exams have been terrible.

Normally, a person's definition of an easy exam is that the questions asked are simple questions, easily answered without much problem. A tough exam would be one that requires more thinking, but still could be answered.

Now I'll have to flashback a little. I did not study much for this exam. Next to none, even. Whilst other people started a few weeks before, I didn't. I was busy with other stuff, like prefects. So busy that I had to miss classes. LOTS of classes.

So I had to rely solely on tuition. But it can't be enough. People like me need to learn new things a few times before being able to keep in the head for a long time. So it really wasn't helping me at all.

What can I do? Now I study for the exam tomorrow. When tomorrow's Chemistry, I study that. I will cram as much as I can, take the exam, then come home and start studying for the next day's exam. Very last minute, but there's nothing else that I can do.

And like I've said, the exams so far has been terrible.

Most of the tough papers have been crammed into this week, the first week. Next week'll be less pressuring. The last week'll be the best, with only 3 days of exams. One day is a public holiday, another Teacher's Day celebrations.

I now look forward to the day I step down from my post in prefects, so I don't need to cram as much as possible into my head THE DAY BEFORE THE EXAM.

And I've never believed in saying a prayer before any exam. The paper's already set, printed and stapled, so no matter how hard I pray, the questions'll still be the same. Now if I pray a month before, then maybe it'll help. But not while I'm sitting there waiting for the paper to be given out.

Having said all that, this is my very own definition of the level of difficulty of exams:

Easy: I'm in luck for this paper, as a few questions came out about things that I managed to study and remember about the day before or even minutes before the exam. Therefore, I have a high chance of passing it. Phew!

Hard: Luck is not on my side. Nothing much or NONE of what I've studied came out. If it's the latter I'll just have to rely on what I remember from what I've previously studied months or years ago. Or if I can't remember anything, take a wild guess and hope that it's the right answer. I will most likely fail this paper. Sigh!
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