Friday, 15 February 2008

Today I’m smarter. I recorded what my Moral teacher said.

She said that when a student plays truant or lepaks, when they’re asked whose fault it is, it’s very obvious- the teacher’s!

But when you look at it from a different perspective, actually it’s the student’s fault for not entering class. Can be true but what if the teacher can make the whole class doze off?

I thought about it. True, we students are partly at fault here. But you can’t put ALL the blame on us! After all, it’s the teachers’ duty to make sure we enter school and absorb as much knowledge as we can! Yet some don’t even bother teaching. Others just rush as they want to finish the syllabus in time.

I think that it is blatantly unfair to say that it’s all our fault. We’ve tried our best to listen in class but sometimes the teachers teach too fast! As for playing truant, it could be because of the amount of pressure that’s been given. Some of us, just want freedom.


Writer’s block! Now I can’t think of how to continue.

Shall have to wait till the next post…
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