Sunday, 6 January 2008

School began a few days ago. I’m now a fifth former.

Being a fifth former means you’re one of the oldest students in school. Young ones look up to you (literally!) in awe. At least, that was what happened when we were in Form One. Now I have no idea whether they still see us that way.

I’m also a senior prefect. And in my school, it is a tradition for junior prefects to greet the seniors. And so, I had fun replying to greetings. Some might not sound sincere but I still take it as a greeting. Besides, this is the first year I don’t have to greet any prefect I don’t want to!

However, there’s still a few problems. For one thing, I never liked rising too early. But it’s exactly what I have to do. My alarm clock would blare its annoying tone into the silent morning at 6am. Early, eh? Then I would start preparing, and would leave the house at 7.

Schoolwise, my teachers aren’t that good but I guess that’s what tuition is for, right?

Being in Form Five also means extra responsibility. Clubs, Societies, Uniform Bodies, etc. etc. It’s only the first weekend but I already have a mountainload of tasks! But I think I’ll cope-lah. I keep telling myself that it’s only for half a year, until the Annual General Meetings when I pass all my responsibilities down to the next unfortunate soul.

I’ve also had to adjust to being unable to come online everyday. During the holidays, it was a must to blog in my other blog that I share with friends, Mount Olympus (there's a link at the side!). But now I have to get used to come online only on Fridays and weekends. And sometimes, it’s even less as I have to complete all my schoolwork! Why can’t we students just be allowed to enjoy our school life? The way I see it, it’s not enjoyable at all; what with the Mount Everest-sized amount of schoolwork and co-curricular activities. And not to mention, the many tuition classes that we’ve to attend! If only all these are reduced, I’m sure I will enjoy it much more than I do now.

I took a few quizzes today and one of them said that I am ’sincere and not afraid to be different’. I’m also naturally caring, apparently. Another quiz said that I’m an intelligent, responsible person with a hidden wild streak. It also said that once in a while, I should ‘go crazy and enjoy’.

I think the last one is pretty accurate. People tell me that I’m intelligent and responsible. And I myself know that I have a darker side. I mean, everyone has one! But I’ve always supressed it, and I think that’s why sometimes I feel like I live two lives .

It’s not that I do it on purpose, it’s just that that’s what people perceive of me. Everyone calls me ‘good’ and I guess I don’t want to be known to be rebellious. But I suppose if I let loose a little, or accept that part of me, I think it’ll be a healthy balance.

This year has brought in many revelations to me indeed!
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