Friday, 18 January 2008

I simply am not in the mood to post now, so I’ll just copy and paste my post from my other blog.

“It’s the end of the third week of school and I’m not happy. Not at all.

It’s such an emotional roller coaster, eh? I was quite content last week but many things happened this week, especially today.

First there was the article. I just found out today that the school authorities know about it. I’m not concerned about what they’ll do to whoever who wrote it, but how. I hope they do not ask the prefects to investigate the matter. We have enough to do as it is.

Which reminds me of prefect duties. So much happened this week. We had a spotcheck, various meetings for events and so on. Not to mention, I have to frame a photo up and buy a rack to keep our blazers. And since I’m the Treasurer, I have to collect money. Not just for one thing, for several.

In scouts, I was told that a letter I sent to the Head of Co-Curricular Activities was lost somewhere. So now, I have to re-print the letter and suffer the wrath of the troop leader. And I have to train my assistant, too.

I joined 2 clubs- Badminton and ‘Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya’. I was elected Vice President in Badminton and have to stop training because it clashes with the school’s badminton session and the teacher advisor has firmly told the board members that we have to attend every time. I need to Co- Curricular points, you see.

I tried out for MSSD today with my friend. We failed to make the cut, but we still have a chance because 1) All of us who tried out today are working together to kick out a few people who aren’t deserving of a place and 2) The teacher has a meeting on Monday and if she succeeds in getting one more place it’s us.

In class, I am behind homework. Most of us prefects are. I have no idea why, but we just are. You cannot imagine how much I have to do just to catch up. Chemistry notes, Chemistry folio, Biology notes, Moral, Modern Maths, Add Maths… And it’s not just one exercise, it’s several…

So it all adds up to one hell of a week. Not to mention the work I have from tuition. I’m barely finding time for myself. And there’s replacement tomorrow for Chinese New Year! An extremely long, busy and stressful week.

I just want it to end and move on to next week.”

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