Friday, 11 January 2008

Finally, the end of the week has arrived.

I’m struggling greatly trying to juggle between all my commitments and school. So, the weekend is a great time for me to catch up with the work I’ve not completed yet, and also to unwind and relax.

Even before these came up, I enjoyed the weekends. A lot. I can’t explain it, but there’s just a feeling of relief in me. I feel cheerful. I feel different compared to weekdays. I feel great during that time.

Now, I value it even more. It has a new meaning. But actually, I prefer unwinding compared to catching up. Somehow the idea is stuck to my head that all work’s to be stopped in weekends. I can stress about work during weekdays, but not weekends. I think I definitely have to change that mindset.

I realised some months ago that I’m a pretty messy person. Sure, there are times when I want things to be neat, like for example, the study desk. But when it comes to the bedroom, it just doesn’t seem me.

My clothes (dirty and clean) are all left on top of my sister’s bed. Dust has also started to accumulate in a few areas and things. But I just don’t feel the urge to clean things up. Actually sometimes I do, but it just somehow slips past my mind every time.

In school, work is piling up as usual. Not much are homework actually. Most are from scouts. But I have countlessly reminded myself that it’s only for half a year.

But although I don’t like having so much of work to do, I have thought of something as well.

Since Year 4, teachers have always told me that I have to suffer for a few more years. After my UPSR, I can have all the fun I want. At the beginning, I accepted it.

Then in Form 1, teachers say that I have to suffer till PMR. After that in Form 4 I can have fun.

In Form 4 teachers say I have to work hard for my SPM, then I can have fun.

I’m sure that when I enter college, that’s exactly what the lecturers will say. It will be the same all the time. In university, and working.

So I thought: why suffer? Why don’t I just have fun being in school? Why don’t I just enjoy taking SPM? Why don’t I relax? After all, it’s a nver ending cycle; it’ll only stop when I retire, when I’ve suffered enough.

But now, I can have fun while studying. I needn’t suffer. I can just enjoy, and let myself soar.


mdeejalita Says: January 11, 2008 at 2:52 pm

whaaaaat ? all your dirty clothes are on top of my bed ? WOI !!! Take it away la !! Btw yeah I agree , i also seem to enjoy weekends the most ! It has always seemed to me that weekends are the best time to relax and just NOT do anything !Besides , you know how much I like to laze around , watch tv , read books and just do NOTHING !Anyway , keep it up my brother … Blog more for me la!

mdeejalita Says: January 11, 2008 at 2:54 pm

The studying never stops , so you have to find a way to keep yourself interested , otherwise will become like me , lazy liao !I never believed in studying hard , actually I seldom do study unless i have the mood to , because if i don’t , it’s time wasted anyway since nothing enters my brain ! So , only study when you’re in the mood , play the rest of the time lor !This is from your ce ! gahahahaPS take away all your clothes that are on my bed !!! YOU AH !

whitegoat Says: January 12, 2008 at 7:29 am

haiyo… it’s oni clothes… besides, i’ll clear it when u come home. For now, it’s a temporary cupboard 4 my clean n dirty clothes.
so, do u miss those times when u could relax? now kenot adi horr…
yes, studying nvr stops. dat’s y i juz wanna enjoy it now.
P.S. ur bed is my temp cupboard. juz take it as u’re doin dana.
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