Thursday, 13 December 2007

When I saw The Golden Compass in a bookstore recently, I bought it with the intention of reading it before watching the movie. And I told myself I must finish the entire book before watching it.

The book was quite okay, albeit a little hard to understand. I had a better understanding of it after starting the second book. Anyway, my point is that I found the story quite interesting. They call it fantasy but it’s very different from other fantasy novels.

But when I watched the movie with my family, I was slightly dissapointed. The movie wasn’t very loyal to the book. A friend of mine pointed out that even the Harry Potter movies weren’t completely the same as the books. But I still didn’t like the movie. I think that it was less loyal compared to the Harry Potter movies. The ending was completely different, as if they simply cut off a section of the story. Perhaps they want a happy ending?

Now I regret promising my friends that I’ll watch the movie with them. But perhaps watching it a second time will give me a better impression of it.
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