Saturday, 26 January 2008

Dearest Sister,

Why are you so distressed? A break from study is a good thing. Coming home is good, but isn’t seeing the world worth the sacrifice? If only I can visit those wonderful places too!

I know that you want me to go with you, but I have school. For you, now is the best opportunity to visit Berlin and Dublin. Imagine, in 10 years’ time, you’ll be busy working and won’t have so much time to go for vacation anymore! So you should seize this opportunity and not regret about anything. Just open your eyes and see the world. Your destiny awaits, as some might call it.

If you return, you’ll just experience the heat of Malaysia. Remember how you hated Chinese New Year heat? The weather in Ipoh is bound to be worse this year, I’m sure. Global warming is fast catching up. Even in Lunas the heat is getting worse.

Yes, you’ll miss some good things, like food. But you’ve eaten them for so many years now, why not try some other delicacies instead? Savour those food, for you might not be able to taste them again.

Do not think too much about home. If I were you, I would not hesitate in going. Sadly, time does not permit me to do it. So I can only offer my support and encouragement. I hope that you will look at it from a different perspective. You’re not missing a chance to come home, but gaining an opportunity to visit places. Europe, no less!

You have my full support and encouragement. Ma’s and Dy’s too. I’m sure that you will have a great time. Do not worry about Chinese New Year. It’s just a festival. When you return, we still can cook those dishes you like and bake the cookies you enjoy. It’s just a symbol. There’s the Chinese New Year, Thaipusam or Deepavali (I’m not sure which), Hari Raya, etc. So with so many New Years, which one is right? I conclude that it’s just symbolic. So we can make the time you come back to be New Year, too!

I attended a driving course today and will be taking my ‘Undang-Undang’ soon. When I’m 17 I shall attend another course before gaining my ‘L’ license.


You have our prayers and blessings to visit Berlin and Dublin. Chill out, relax, enjoy what you’re seeing, and have a great time! I shall be waiting for you to tell me how exciting your trip was!

With Love,

Your Brother
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