Saturday, 15 December 2007

This morning, I woke up groggily and it took awhile before I remembered that I promised Mom that I’ll go to the morning market with her and Dad.

Actually, I wouldn’t have done it if it was somewhere else, but I obliged this time because I love the chee-cheong-phan that one stall sells. I’m not good at describing, so if you don’t know what it is, you’ll just have to ask around.

Anyway, this stall has more than the usual black sauce. They have curry. And boy, it tastes out of the world! So I went to the market to savour it, while making a mental note to eat it every time opportunity strikes.

Then, it was off to the wet market. I told them that I’ll just wait outside, since I don’t fancy going there, to struggle with everyone trying to get to their desired stall. So I sat down on a nearby chair and took out the newspapers.

Not long after starting, I started to feel a little awkward. Perhaps it’s because every passer-by would look at me before going off. So I kept the newspaper, and waited.

I noticed that most people wear very casual clothes here. Just a simple T-shirt and short pants. After all, it IS a market only. Yet, there are some people who can be deemed overdressed. For example, make-up. No kidding. I saw a woman wearing it. Some people just have to look glamorous everywhere they go.

And then there’s the ‘uncles’, working men who were there accompanying their wives. Once in a while, two men will lock eyes, wave and smile, then approach the other, ask ‘Hey! How are you! Long time no see-ah!’, and then start talking about their jobs, businesses, etc.

The ladies are just slightly different. Some might talk as loud as men, whereas some will just say hi when they near the person. But when their husbands talk about jobs, the wives will ask each other what they bought, for what purpose. Then they’ll move on to ask about kids, how old the kids are, how they’re doing at school, etc.

That is what happens during a day at the morning market.
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