Sunday, 3 February 2008

Ahh, finally. The long awaited holidays.

So far, there’s only been one day holidays. Now I’m going to be free for 6 days! I’m delighted. Of course, this year’s New Year’s a little different. Before this, I never brought back any homework from school. But this year, I’ll have to make an exception as I’ve still got work to do!

I”m down with cold and a slightly sore throat so I’m hoping that I can recover in time for the celebrations. I must have ate too much of the fried nga-ku. Now I’ve learnt my lesson. In order to stay fit for the Chinese New Year, I musn’t eat too many heaty food. At least, I should wait till the celebrations come. Otherwise, I’ll only fall sick and be unhappy when everyone’s rejoicing.

I just cut my hair yesterday and now I look weird. Seriously! Next month I’ll have to tell the hairdresser properly. It seems that no matter how I put it, she NEVER understands me. She always gets things wrong. And I’m the one who has to endure it all. Oh well. I’ve learnt from my mistake now. You must be very specific with hairdressers. One word less and you’ll emerge a freak.

But above it all, I’m glad to get a break from school.
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