Wednesday, 23 January 2008

I don’t have much time to write a long post, because I’m busy trying to finish my Chemistry folio.

The teachers told us last year that we’re required to complete a folio on the last chapter in Form 4. However, not many students attended school that day, so the teachers explained about the folio again.

Apparently, all we have to do is find a reference book and copy it. Of course, the teachers didn’t put it that way. We just figured it out ourselves. Should we fail to hand it in 2 marks will be deducted every day for the March test.

I’m considered lucky. One of the teachers wanted her classes to hand it in weeks ago. My Chemistry teacher, however, actually gave us until Monday. But we had pleaded and begged till she gave in and postponed it to Friday. So right now, I have today and tomorrow to finish it. And Thaipusam came at the right moment. Now I have an extra few hours to do it!

Hence, I can’t really spend so much time online. Actually I just wanted to check my mail and to blog a while. But the connection’s a little weird today so I can’t access my e-mail.

Hopefully, I can finish the folio in time. I mean, obviously I don’t want any marks to be deducted! Considering how tough Chemistry is, every mark counts!

A few prefects also have admitted that we all are spending a lot of time in prefects. Indeed, the Head Prefect nearly got issued a Discipline Form for not completing his work. The rest of us are luckier, though we’re still struggling to catch up with the enormous pile of homework that we’ve been trailing behind in.

I seriously think that we’ve been commiting too much in prefects that we’re slacking in schoolwork. Almost every prefect I ask has not been finishing their homework. We really have to change this.

Meanwhile, I better stop typing this longer and longer post and start rushing the folio!
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