Saturday, 22 March 2008

I had a Moral lesson few days ago, and my teacher once again conveyed her convictions with confidence. After that, as usual, what she said made me think "hey, it's true!"

So, she said she despised the word HELL. She said that nobody has been through hell, so why do we use that despicable word? She said that often, we would say:

"What the hell!"

"Where the hell did you go?!?!"

"What the hell are you doing?!?!"

She said that since we live on Earth, shouldn't we use EARTH instead?

For example,

"What on earth!"

"Where on earth did you go?!?!"

"What on earth are you doing?!?!"

She said that hell is a place where nobody has come out of. So, we can NEVER say "I've been through hell". Instead, we should simply say "I had a bad day".

Later when I had the time to reflect on what she said, I realised that, she had a really good point.

Then we moved on to another topic. She said that a few years back there was this student who lamented not being able to get a distinction for Moral because his teacher's not her. His reason?

His sister was under my current moral teacher, and she got a distinction. And, her message to her brother was "Do everything she says".

My teacher continued by saying that one of the things she says is to sit at the place she allocated. She said she remembers us by where we sit, so when we or our parents ask why we failed Moral, etc. etc, she can recall what is the problem.

I was slightly amused by that statement. I might be wrong, but it seems that she's implying that she marks our papers according to WHERE WE SIT, not the quality. Otherwise, if we just gave her a test paper, she'll be able to explain what the mistakes are. I mean, why do you need to know where we sit?

Having said that,

I'm glad she knows where I sit... or maybe it's a bad thing...

Who knows?

Only time will tell.
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  1. Ce says:

    Haha i remember that she was my teacher too . Hey maybe she was talking about Ervin ?

  2. *fooh*


    Precisely why I love Moral lessons when there are good teachers. The lessons DO impart something meaningful on students and is not merely about memorising stuff.

  3. Poseidon says:

    ce= How do you know it's Ervin?

    kiddokoala= I like the way she teach, but not the way she marks... sometimes...