Saturday, 26 January 2008
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Dearest Sister,

Why are you so distressed? A break from study is a good thing. Coming home is good, but isn’t seeing the world worth the sacrifice? If only I can visit those wonderful places too!

I know that you want me to go with you, but I have school. For you, now is the best opportunity to visit Berlin and Dublin. Imagine, in 10 years’ time, you’ll be busy working and won’t have so much time to go for vacation anymore! So you should seize this opportunity and not regret about anything. Just open your eyes and see the world. Your destiny awaits, as some might call it.

If you return, you’ll just experience the heat of Malaysia. Remember how you hated Chinese New Year heat? The weather in Ipoh is bound to be worse this year, I’m sure. Global warming is fast catching up. Even in Lunas the heat is getting worse.

Yes, you’ll miss some good things, like food. But you’ve eaten them for so many years now, why not try some other delicacies instead? Savour those food, for you might not be able to taste them again.

Do not think too much about home. If I were you, I would not hesitate in going. Sadly, time does not permit me to do it. So I can only offer my support and encouragement. I hope that you will look at it from a different perspective. You’re not missing a chance to come home, but gaining an opportunity to visit places. Europe, no less!

You have my full support and encouragement. Ma’s and Dy’s too. I’m sure that you will have a great time. Do not worry about Chinese New Year. It’s just a festival. When you return, we still can cook those dishes you like and bake the cookies you enjoy. It’s just a symbol. There’s the Chinese New Year, Thaipusam or Deepavali (I’m not sure which), Hari Raya, etc. So with so many New Years, which one is right? I conclude that it’s just symbolic. So we can make the time you come back to be New Year, too!

I attended a driving course today and will be taking my ‘Undang-Undang’ soon. When I’m 17 I shall attend another course before gaining my ‘L’ license.


You have our prayers and blessings to visit Berlin and Dublin. Chill out, relax, enjoy what you’re seeing, and have a great time! I shall be waiting for you to tell me how exciting your trip was!

With Love,

Your Brother
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Thursday, 24 January 2008
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I’m so happy.

I completed my Chemistry folio yesterday. It took me 6 long, labouring hours before I could declare the completion of it. Now I just need to bind it.

In terms of other homework, I’m making progress steadily. Slowly but surely, I’m catching up with homework.

I also saw an advertisement for the recruitment of BRATs. I think I’ll try out for it. After all, what have I got to lose? All I need to do is write an essay about myself, my family, inspirations and aspirations in an essay of not more than 1000 words. Sounds easy enough.

Should I succeed, I will be eligible to submit articles to Ole Brats, the monthly supplement for BRATs. Not to mention, the various places that I’ll get to go!
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Wednesday, 23 January 2008
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I don’t have much time to write a long post, because I’m busy trying to finish my Chemistry folio.

The teachers told us last year that we’re required to complete a folio on the last chapter in Form 4. However, not many students attended school that day, so the teachers explained about the folio again.

Apparently, all we have to do is find a reference book and copy it. Of course, the teachers didn’t put it that way. We just figured it out ourselves. Should we fail to hand it in 2 marks will be deducted every day for the March test.

I’m considered lucky. One of the teachers wanted her classes to hand it in weeks ago. My Chemistry teacher, however, actually gave us until Monday. But we had pleaded and begged till she gave in and postponed it to Friday. So right now, I have today and tomorrow to finish it. And Thaipusam came at the right moment. Now I have an extra few hours to do it!

Hence, I can’t really spend so much time online. Actually I just wanted to check my mail and to blog a while. But the connection’s a little weird today so I can’t access my e-mail.

Hopefully, I can finish the folio in time. I mean, obviously I don’t want any marks to be deducted! Considering how tough Chemistry is, every mark counts!

A few prefects also have admitted that we all are spending a lot of time in prefects. Indeed, the Head Prefect nearly got issued a Discipline Form for not completing his work. The rest of us are luckier, though we’re still struggling to catch up with the enormous pile of homework that we’ve been trailing behind in.

I seriously think that we’ve been commiting too much in prefects that we’re slacking in schoolwork. Almost every prefect I ask has not been finishing their homework. We really have to change this.

Meanwhile, I better stop typing this longer and longer post and start rushing the folio!
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Friday, 18 January 2008
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I simply am not in the mood to post now, so I’ll just copy and paste my post from my other blog.

“It’s the end of the third week of school and I’m not happy. Not at all.

It’s such an emotional roller coaster, eh? I was quite content last week but many things happened this week, especially today.

First there was the article. I just found out today that the school authorities know about it. I’m not concerned about what they’ll do to whoever who wrote it, but how. I hope they do not ask the prefects to investigate the matter. We have enough to do as it is.

Which reminds me of prefect duties. So much happened this week. We had a spotcheck, various meetings for events and so on. Not to mention, I have to frame a photo up and buy a rack to keep our blazers. And since I’m the Treasurer, I have to collect money. Not just for one thing, for several.

In scouts, I was told that a letter I sent to the Head of Co-Curricular Activities was lost somewhere. So now, I have to re-print the letter and suffer the wrath of the troop leader. And I have to train my assistant, too.

I joined 2 clubs- Badminton and ‘Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya’. I was elected Vice President in Badminton and have to stop training because it clashes with the school’s badminton session and the teacher advisor has firmly told the board members that we have to attend every time. I need to Co- Curricular points, you see.

I tried out for MSSD today with my friend. We failed to make the cut, but we still have a chance because 1) All of us who tried out today are working together to kick out a few people who aren’t deserving of a place and 2) The teacher has a meeting on Monday and if she succeeds in getting one more place it’s us.

In class, I am behind homework. Most of us prefects are. I have no idea why, but we just are. You cannot imagine how much I have to do just to catch up. Chemistry notes, Chemistry folio, Biology notes, Moral, Modern Maths, Add Maths… And it’s not just one exercise, it’s several…

So it all adds up to one hell of a week. Not to mention the work I have from tuition. I’m barely finding time for myself. And there’s replacement tomorrow for Chinese New Year! An extremely long, busy and stressful week.

I just want it to end and move on to next week.”

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Friday, 11 January 2008
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Finally, the end of the week has arrived.

I’m struggling greatly trying to juggle between all my commitments and school. So, the weekend is a great time for me to catch up with the work I’ve not completed yet, and also to unwind and relax.

Even before these came up, I enjoyed the weekends. A lot. I can’t explain it, but there’s just a feeling of relief in me. I feel cheerful. I feel different compared to weekdays. I feel great during that time.

Now, I value it even more. It has a new meaning. But actually, I prefer unwinding compared to catching up. Somehow the idea is stuck to my head that all work’s to be stopped in weekends. I can stress about work during weekdays, but not weekends. I think I definitely have to change that mindset.

I realised some months ago that I’m a pretty messy person. Sure, there are times when I want things to be neat, like for example, the study desk. But when it comes to the bedroom, it just doesn’t seem me.

My clothes (dirty and clean) are all left on top of my sister’s bed. Dust has also started to accumulate in a few areas and things. But I just don’t feel the urge to clean things up. Actually sometimes I do, but it just somehow slips past my mind every time.

In school, work is piling up as usual. Not much are homework actually. Most are from scouts. But I have countlessly reminded myself that it’s only for half a year.

But although I don’t like having so much of work to do, I have thought of something as well.

Since Year 4, teachers have always told me that I have to suffer for a few more years. After my UPSR, I can have all the fun I want. At the beginning, I accepted it.

Then in Form 1, teachers say that I have to suffer till PMR. After that in Form 4 I can have fun.

In Form 4 teachers say I have to work hard for my SPM, then I can have fun.

I’m sure that when I enter college, that’s exactly what the lecturers will say. It will be the same all the time. In university, and working.

So I thought: why suffer? Why don’t I just have fun being in school? Why don’t I just enjoy taking SPM? Why don’t I relax? After all, it’s a nver ending cycle; it’ll only stop when I retire, when I’ve suffered enough.

But now, I can have fun while studying. I needn’t suffer. I can just enjoy, and let myself soar.


mdeejalita Says: January 11, 2008 at 2:52 pm

whaaaaat ? all your dirty clothes are on top of my bed ? WOI !!! Take it away la !! Btw yeah I agree , i also seem to enjoy weekends the most ! It has always seemed to me that weekends are the best time to relax and just NOT do anything !Besides , you know how much I like to laze around , watch tv , read books and just do NOTHING !Anyway , keep it up my brother … Blog more for me la!

mdeejalita Says: January 11, 2008 at 2:54 pm

The studying never stops , so you have to find a way to keep yourself interested , otherwise will become like me , lazy liao !I never believed in studying hard , actually I seldom do study unless i have the mood to , because if i don’t , it’s time wasted anyway since nothing enters my brain ! So , only study when you’re in the mood , play the rest of the time lor !This is from your ce ! gahahahaPS take away all your clothes that are on my bed !!! YOU AH !

whitegoat Says: January 12, 2008 at 7:29 am

haiyo… it’s oni clothes… besides, i’ll clear it when u come home. For now, it’s a temporary cupboard 4 my clean n dirty clothes.
so, do u miss those times when u could relax? now kenot adi horr…
yes, studying nvr stops. dat’s y i juz wanna enjoy it now.
P.S. ur bed is my temp cupboard. juz take it as u’re doin dana.
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Sunday, 6 January 2008
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School began a few days ago. I’m now a fifth former.

Being a fifth former means you’re one of the oldest students in school. Young ones look up to you (literally!) in awe. At least, that was what happened when we were in Form One. Now I have no idea whether they still see us that way.

I’m also a senior prefect. And in my school, it is a tradition for junior prefects to greet the seniors. And so, I had fun replying to greetings. Some might not sound sincere but I still take it as a greeting. Besides, this is the first year I don’t have to greet any prefect I don’t want to!

However, there’s still a few problems. For one thing, I never liked rising too early. But it’s exactly what I have to do. My alarm clock would blare its annoying tone into the silent morning at 6am. Early, eh? Then I would start preparing, and would leave the house at 7.

Schoolwise, my teachers aren’t that good but I guess that’s what tuition is for, right?

Being in Form Five also means extra responsibility. Clubs, Societies, Uniform Bodies, etc. etc. It’s only the first weekend but I already have a mountainload of tasks! But I think I’ll cope-lah. I keep telling myself that it’s only for half a year, until the Annual General Meetings when I pass all my responsibilities down to the next unfortunate soul.

I’ve also had to adjust to being unable to come online everyday. During the holidays, it was a must to blog in my other blog that I share with friends, Mount Olympus (there's a link at the side!). But now I have to get used to come online only on Fridays and weekends. And sometimes, it’s even less as I have to complete all my schoolwork! Why can’t we students just be allowed to enjoy our school life? The way I see it, it’s not enjoyable at all; what with the Mount Everest-sized amount of schoolwork and co-curricular activities. And not to mention, the many tuition classes that we’ve to attend! If only all these are reduced, I’m sure I will enjoy it much more than I do now.

I took a few quizzes today and one of them said that I am ’sincere and not afraid to be different’. I’m also naturally caring, apparently. Another quiz said that I’m an intelligent, responsible person with a hidden wild streak. It also said that once in a while, I should ‘go crazy and enjoy’.

I think the last one is pretty accurate. People tell me that I’m intelligent and responsible. And I myself know that I have a darker side. I mean, everyone has one! But I’ve always supressed it, and I think that’s why sometimes I feel like I live two lives .

It’s not that I do it on purpose, it’s just that that’s what people perceive of me. Everyone calls me ‘good’ and I guess I don’t want to be known to be rebellious. But I suppose if I let loose a little, or accept that part of me, I think it’ll be a healthy balance.

This year has brought in many revelations to me indeed!
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