Tuesday, 31 July 2007
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I read with interest StarMag’s reviews on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I must say I disagreed with one of the reviewer’s comment that there’s no way a good book can be spoiled. I, for one, did not want anyone to tell me what the ending is- I didn’t want the excitement and fun to be spoiled. So instead I had a great time reading it word by word.

When an ending is known, the reader’s excitement simply won’t be there. For example, when I asked a friend what the ending to The Age of the Five trilogy is, I found that I read the book without the enthusiasm that I read Deathly Hallows with.

Rowling certainly made the book move at a faster pace. I was surprised that the action began so early in the book, compared to the other books when it started at the end. This change made the book even more exciting.

I was also felt more comfortable now that Rowling explained more about her characters. We get to know the characters deeper, for example, Dumbledore still commits errors.

What I did not like was the fact that Rowling killed off more characters than I thought. Or perhaps I just took that she said two main characters’ll die means that only TWO will die only. I didn’t expect minor characters like Dobby to be killed at all. It was a real shock.

As to the ending, I would say that I’m satisfied in some ways yet not satisfied in some. For instance, I was glad to know that Harry survived in the end, that he even managed to produce offsprings! But I wasn’t satisfied because I felt it was lacking in some ways. She didn’t say what happened to George or Snape. So there’s still a slight mist in front. Perhaps she’s planning another book? Only time will tell, as they say.
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